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Getting Divorce?


Social media sites are the new way of meeting people. These sites are responsible for an increase in Divorce rates over the last several years. People find these sites to be a great way to search for old acquaintances, friends or simply to look around. Married people and/or people who are dating believe that merely contacting an old flame or browsing around does not qualify as cheating. However, emotional cheating is sometimes more painful than physical cheating as emotional bonds can be deeper than purely physical bonds.

When involved in a custody dispute or divorce, be careful what you post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites. Photos that you post of your children, others or things that you say on personal social pages "for the world to see", are admissible in court proceedings and is the root of many divorces and custody disputes.

Texts, e-mails, and Facebook posts are often the most incriminating pieces of evidence. Especially texts, because they are composed as an immediate reaction to either something that was said, or done, and composed at the spur of the moment through anger or some other feeling about a subject or the person that is engaged in the text discussion.

Typically, we tell our divorce and family law clients to keep a running log of any texts/emails sent or received that can later be used when dealing with custody and/or divorce issues, since sometimes they are the best indication of what actually occured between the parties.

Exercise restrain when possible, it could save you a ton of headaches during the process.

When faced with these issues, always hire the lawyer that is best suited for your child custody or divorce matter.