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Family Law from A to Z


On December 11, 2012, Maria C. Tebano, Esq. will be a featured speaker at a National Business Institute seminar entitled Family Law from A-Z. When families run into difficulties, they are dealing wth highly emotional situations that may cloud their judgment and prevent them from making rational long-range decisions. As a family law attorney, it's our job to help clients through family law issues with knowledge, insight and compassion. Developing these skills and sensitivity can take years to perfect. This seminar will go over the basic information any Family Law Practitioner needs to help problem solve for their clients. Ms. Tebano's lecture will be on the issues of Child Custody and Vistation Rights, i.e. Petition for Visitation, Petition for Custody, Motions for a Change of Custody or Visitation, Questions of Paternity, Termination of Parental Rights, and The Rights of Grandparents and Other Relatives. Ms. Tebano will also be lecturing on Finance 101, i.e. Valuation and Division of Assets (Real Estate, Insurance, Stock Options, Retirement Plans), Tax Ramifications of Divorce, Petition for Child Support, Child Support Enforcement Options, Drafting Clear QDRO - Do's and Don'ts and Bankruptcy. Learn more about this seminar by visiting the NBI online site ---